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7 Practical Steps to Create The Business of Your Dreams, Part I (5367 hits)

The Passion To Prosperity Diva's BUSINESS WISDOM

7 Practical Steps to Create The Business of Your Dreams, Part I

Planning and launching a successful business calls for many elements to be aligned including, vision, planning commitment, etc. There's a sequence of events that lends itself to success in our Free Enterprise system and if you follow them, you can dramatically improve your chances of success. Businesses that get stuck or lose momentum are usually out of sequence and you merely need to refer back to the model to get back on track.

I've put together 7 very practical core steps to launch a business successfully. These strategies apply primarily to an offline business and when I use them for online projects, they help me accelerate.

1. Clarify your VISION.

Take some time to understand what you want YOUR life to look like and are you passionate about what you're doing? Does this new concept fit the lifestyle you desire? Check in with experts to help initially validate your idea. It's critical that you're personally aligned with your business otherwise you'll lose steam or possibly sabotage efforts along the way. Could be a great idea but if you don't love it you won't follow through. You may absolutely love your idea but if the risks outweigh the rewards or the market isn't big enough, it may not be worth the effort. If you're in business now but losing steam, go back and find your purpose for it again to renew your passion!

2. PLAN for success.

You may opt to do this in stages but some business planning is essential for success. As with any journey, a roadmap is necessary in order to quickly and safely get to your destination. Same premise applies for your business. It's also much easier to test your concepts on paper first before investing too much time and money. The planning stage is a great time to detail your markets, the products & services you'll be offering, how you'll serve your customers and how much it will cost to accomplish all of the above. This is where I would also perform beta testing or achieve local sales to "test the waters" so to speak. Validate along the way before launching full out! I have worked with many clients who thought their business would look one way but when we worked it out on paper, they realized another expression would be best.

3. Build a TEAM.

The sooner the better! Start looking for people who can assist with industry expertise, business development, those who represent your market, support you emotionally, mastermind your concepts, etc. Those who will fill in the gaps of your plan--- will you be a retail store, an online entity, print catalog?? These people will work ON your business. You'll also want to attract operational, sales and marketing support when the time is right--- plan for it so that you can activate a wonderful manifestation cascade! When we work through this process with our clients, they inevitably come to realize that the people they most needed in their business were already in their life. They just hadn't properly defined the support they needed. This was the case for Cathy who realized, after working through this step, a high level contact she needed to a sports or ganization was someone she actually knew and had access to!

4. Plan for and access Funding Resources.

There are literally DOZENS of ways to fund your business so it's not necessary to struggle without having the proper resources. Unless you're completely capable of self-funding, skipping this step could result in sluggish starts, lots of stress and a general failure to launch. Establish a funding plan early on and start accessing the resources BEFORE you need them so that you'll have what you need for salaries, product development and to execute a proper sales and marketing plan. HINT: "create a viral marketing campaign through word of mouth" isn't necessarily without costs. Funding could include pre-selling strategies, corporate sponsors, business lines of credit and private investors.

In our next issue I'll share Part II and the remaining 3 strategies. Maria Simone helps those who want to transform their talents to create 6 and 7 figure businesses. Learn more at http://www.passion2prosperity.com

You may reprint this article in its entirety with author's contact and bio information.

About Maria Simone -

Maria Simone is a dynamic speaker, author, and transformational business strategist. As the "Passion To Prosperity Diva", she helps entrepreneurs package their talents to create 6 or 7 figure businesses. Maria has started 4 businesses, has had online and offline success, and raised over $1.5 million in funding for various projects. She's been interviewed on ABC News, Fox TV, and in Business Week, Success Magazine, and many other publications.
Posted By: Pam Perry
Thursday, July 23rd 2009 at 1:05AM
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