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~ 'Fairmount' - "The Willice Chronicles" ~ (5237 hits)


~ 'Fairmount' - "The Willice Chronicles" ~
Mr. Gregory V. Boulware, Esq., 'The Elder'

Ten Free Chapter's of "Fairmount": 'Terror In The Park!' and 'Fairmount's - "The Willice Samuel Investigations"; the continuing saga of Philadelphia's Finest Law Enforcement Officer and His Team Of Dedicated Professional Protector's!

Enjoy The Adventure, The Journey, The Thrilling and Exciting Tale of A Black Leader / A Truly Magnificent Hero of This Lifetime!

“The Horror of It All…!”
"The race against time begins in Philadelphia’s Fairmount Park. Dead bodies were compounded from one side of the river to the other. From Alaska and down through Canada the dealers of death are pursued in the hope of bringing the killing to an end. The city’s officials are at odds with one another. The populace is on edge and demanding closure…an end to the terror that has the city in a grip of fear, turmoil, and a cold sweat of terror.
Anger, racism, and greed are exposed among the highest order. Philadelphia Police commanders are placed under tremendous strain to control its inner city workings to quell this evil overshadowing of the town. One Black Cop and the Native American Ranger are in the battle of their very lives and careers with the confrontation of white apprehension in the capture of the killer!"

"Fairmount": 'Terror In The Park'

“The Horror of It All…In Fairmount!”
"Think about it. This thing on its hind legs could walk up to the average single-story house and could look on the roof at eye level." Many of the messages are from people who are skeptical and want confirmation of their doubts from the agency. About 30 percent of the messages come from hunters who are all but certain the tale is a tall one."

Pt. 1: ‘Strawberry Mansion’
"A thunderous roar erupted just as Lindsey placed his hand on the last rock in the cliff, pulling himself up onto the plateau. Dirt and shrubbery flew all around as if a strong wind-gust blasted through signaling a squall in a rainstorm or twister. The boy could not believe his eyes. He nearly fell backward off the ledge of the cliff. But he knew subconsciously, that he had to hang on. It’s about a twelve hundred foot drop to the bottom!"

Pt. 2: “Smith Playground In North Philly”~
"Gerald Glenn, Genailia Francis, and Willice Samuel walked through the patch of rhododendron and azalea bushes to examine the grassy spot near the Strawberry Mansion Bridge. Ranger Glenn removed the sample of plant leaf and soil from a plastic bag while pointing to the spot he had examined during the initial search around the cherry blossom tree. The paw-print, nearly gone after being exposed for more than ten days, gave Francis and Samuel a fright. Now the captain knew why the ranger had that strange look on his face the day the boys were attacked!"

Pt. 3: ‘A Sweet Briar License’
"The divers reached the surface of the water and hurriedly entered the waiting police marine search and rescue boat. They were happy the backup boats were there because they did not want to swim back to the point of origin. They were visibly frightened and glad to be on the way back to shore. The West side of the river endured a traffic backup just as the four officers reached their destination on the East side of the Schuylkill. The other boat headed back up river towards the Falls Bridge!"

Pt. 4: ‘A Pillar of Salt’
"Captain Jarard Noodles, aka, “Noodle-head Noodles, as referred by his subordinates and many who knew him, rose through the ranks by way of nepotism…his father and grandfather were cops before him. Jarard was a die-hard bigot. The ‘good-ole boys genre was born to him…he hated Blacks, Asians, Latinos, Mexicans, Indians, Jews, and women – as well as anyone else whom he deemed a lesser being – most everyone except white folk who thought and believed like him!"

Pt. 5: ‘The Myrtlewood Street Funeral’~
" Ranger Glenn made it very clear that he had lost his patience for the mayor’s party and the mismanagement of the situation at hand. He began to explain his investigative research trip to Alaska, Canada, and New York as well as speculative opinions of wildlife experts, game wardens, and other rangers regarding the recent attacks within the city’s parkland1"

Pt. 6: “Physical Alterations”
"The dumbfounded group leader frowned and grew angry. “What are those damned papers in your possession?” The Doctor of Veterinary Medicine barked. His questioning demand was announced with ferociousness as his eyes narrowed and reddened with a cold and defiant stare. The evil eyes darted and fixed directly on Ranger Glenn after glancing off the two professors.
Gerald replied, “They are documentation and photographic proof of you and your revered colleagues’ involvement in this insidious experiment with wildlife manipulation!”

Pt. 7: ‘That Damned River’
"It was Lieutenant Wells who noted the fresh footprints in the old snow on the bike and jogger trail. The jogging trail continued into the other side of the river from under the overpass of the west river drive that lead down to the Southside of the Schuylkill River.
The prints in the snow were out of the team’s search area. They could not see them. The trail of prints was pounding a path in the direction of the Philadelphia Zoo!"

Pt. 8: ‘The Rush’ of “34th St. and Girard Avenue”
" “You know…you people really know how to piss me off! First you go up to the top of the world and **** with the animals up there, causing them to do **** they don’t normally do! Then you stick them with all kinds of **** that only God knows what – and now you got two kidnapped cubs in your zoo! Where is the record of their adoption and housing? How’d they get here in the first place – why the secret of their being here? And now you’ve got fourteen ****in bears wandering through the park and the Goddamn city!”

Pt. 9: “Captains – Philly Style!”
"Complicating matters at the zoo, the police were still working murder cases. One of the cases is the unsolved Fairmount Park Rapist. The other is the Kensington Strangler. A jogger running along the East River Drive, back in October 2003, was stabbed and raped while running on the drive near Fountain Green Road. A previous attack was investigated in April of the same year. Later, in July, the Philadelphia Homicide Unit was also investigating a stabbing in Wynnefield Heights. That same month in 2009, a woman was sitting on a park bench in the park when a man came running from the woods. “He was balls ass naked,” she said. Prior to that incident, a woman was sleeping on a park bench after a run. A man who covered her face with a tee shirt awakened her!"

Pt. 10: ~‘A Tacony Civilian Affair’~
"Captain Noodles arrived at the Tacony District Police Headquarters before going on to Kensington. The shift commander informed him of the arrest of a suspect in the Kensington Stranglings. He asked the commander if the guy was black or white. The cop responded with a smile and said, “Well Captain, he ain’t no jungle bunny!” The captain smiled. The commander continued, “The guy looks like a spear-chuckin ***** with a spic name.” The captain laughed aloud. “Yeah, said the watch commander, “they got the mother****er somewhere on Westmoreland Street earlier this evening.”



'Willice Samuel Investigations, The Series'
~ “A Four Cornered Phling” ~
"If you were a member of the family’s business, you did whatever you wanted anyway. Made members were the elite in those particular neighborhoods. One could compare such a society to that of mob figures in New York. The South Philly Mobs were a force to be reckoned with. The made-man walked over to him, placing his right foot on the man’s neck and pointed the Glock at his face and smiled down at him.
“Well son, the first rule of confrontation is to never bring a knife to a gunfight… So long pal, hope I don’t see ya in hell!”

~ "FAIRMOUNT": 'The Willis Samuel Investigations!'-The Series ~
'Fairmount'-Willis Samuel Investigations: Pt.2
~ "The AR-15 Incident" ~
"Under the proposal, Milfford after returning the money would be allowed to speak “openly and freely about her prior relationship with the candidate and attempts to silence her.”
She also would be able to “use and publish any text messages, photos and/or videos relating to the ‘Don’ that she may have in her possession, all without fear of retribution and/or legal liability for damages,” the Michaelangelo letter said.
The letter also asked that the candidate’s lawyers agree that neither Trappolli nor the shaddy company Koheaven used to pay Milfford would attempt to block the broadcast of an interview Milfford taped with television News’ “The City Minutes” program last week.

Part Three:
"Bus Drivers Do It At Their Stops!"
'Willis Samuel Investigations, The Series' (Pt.3)
"He made it his business to get even…to even the score. They’ve taken his money, his car; after the death of his wife, they took his reason for living. She passed away when she didn’t have too. She was treated like a savage, a vagabond, and a harlot. She didn’t deserve any of it…the crass and brutish behavior, statements and accusations of ill-projected platitudes and non-sequitor.
He had a plan. He knows who all the culprits are – they will become the targets of his revenge; revenge for his wife…!"

Fairmount: Willis Samuel Investigations:The Series: Pt.4 ~”Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold!”~
"He drove around the neighborhood for a little while, gathering his thoughts as he traveled. where, who would know of the type of rope (hemp) that was used in the hanging? Why was this man killed in that fashion? Was he tortured before his death? How did he get there and why was he there in that building? Who was it he was meeting with? Was he on duty at the time of his death? How many men did it take to string him up to the ceiling? What did he do to deserve that type of death?"

'Willice Samuel Investigations, The Series'
(Pt. 5)
~ "A Career Voiding Dance of Tomorrow" ~
"“Captain Willis, I know you don’t like me much, but you know my reputation…you know I don’t go ****ing around with stories that don’t directly help the people. This case is about helping all those parents who are grieving for the loss of their young innocent children. Do you care? Do you give a damn, being a parent…a father?”
“Okay Michaels, spill it…and don’t take all day to get to the point, man.”
“Well my Brother, do you remember my report a while back concerning a mysterious cult group that was discovered meeting and hanging out in “Valley Green?” Now bare with me…this **** was going on during your case surrounding the bear killings!"

Chp. 6:
'Fairmount': The Willis Samuel Investigations, Pt. 6: ~"Without A Trace"~
"No one knew his name. The children knew him, but didn’t know him by name. Everyone knew him when walked down the street. No one impeded his direction. No one dared to get in his way. He had the look, the style, the cool, the look of someone you just didn’t **** with…and no one did. Some knew him to get a bit of “weed.” Some knew him to ask a favor. Some knew him as someone you could talk too. And then, there are those who simply knew him to be someone you could go to in order to get something done…in order to fix something that no one else could fix. He could make the deal that no one else could ever dream of making. If you needed a loan to help feed your family or pay a bill that would take something away from you children, he was the man you wanted to know and be able to go to for help. He made himself available for such situations."

Chp. 7:
Fairmount: 'Willice Samuel Investigations, The Series'
(Pt. 7)
~ "Loose Ends!" ~
Willice Samuel Investigations: 'Fairmount'
"When “***-Weston” convinced the mentally handicapped individuals to move in, the game “was afoot!” She became the soul benefactor to the ill-gotten riches of deceptive devilment. She was privey to their ‘Social Security Benfits,’ as well as any and all ‘State Grants, disability benefits, and/or monies…i.e., becoming the “The Payee!” Once in captivity, the gang would often move the victims to other locations, state-to-state in order to elude social services and other law enforcement agency detection."

Fairmount: 'Willice Samuel Investigations, The Series'
(Part 8)
'Fairmount' Willice Samuel Investigations:
~ “A Reckoning Is A Coming” ~
"The Chairman of the Black, Puerto Rican, Asian, and Hispanic/Latino Caucus in the state assembly, announced an upcoming meeting which will introduce new legislation to be known as “The Africanus Diallo Amani Law,” which analyses and outlines police reform(s) nationwide. “The National Black Alliance Network,” headed by the Reverend Lemuel Sharsman, is also considering legislative measures…introducing legislation at local, state, and federal levels to “check all acts of police brutality across the nation, let alone here in our own city.”
One such act was committed by four white officers who are accused of brutality when they shot to death an unarmed Black Man in the doorway of his apartment building a little while back. Sharsmanurged Black Legislators to understand that “Africa is their continent and that Africans in the United States who number more than five million in our city, would and will stand together to fight for justice against injustice and the “blind eye(s) that aids it!”

‘Fairmount’ ~ Willice Samuel Investigations Pt. 9: “The Games Afoot!” ~
"Just as I was enjoying the momentary quiet of the humming engine, another call loudly and coldly squawked over the radio…“At least six Philadelphia police officers were shot during a gun battle in Philadelphia’s East-Falls section of town!” “IN PROGRESS…A SHOOTING IN GERMANTOWN, ON GREENE ST., AT ABBOTTSFORD AVE., MAN DOWN!” And just as soon as I was headed to that location, another tragedy was squawked over the Police Communications Network… “ATTENTION…ATTENTION…ALERT…A CHILD HAS BEEN SHOT!”

Chapter 10: “Payback Can Be A ***”
"Sergeant Warren looked Willice squarely in the eyes as he continued speaking. “Captain, I’m sure you’re well aware of what protocols are for me as it pertains to humans, yes? The three rule law dates way back before my time. They…we were called robots then.” “You know Warren, Salestian Michaels; as much as I can’t stand him; has proven to be a rather useful and almost invaluable asset to out arsenal of information. I think it may not be such a bad idea in bringing him along for the ride, on this trek of ours.” The captain starred off and then gazed in the sergeants direction.
“Yes Captain Willis, I do think it a wise decision, a very good idea.” Warren concurred. “He very well may have stumbled onto something with his regarding the ‘Kelpian’ question. This thing of holding Sabbats, has had its share of secrets in Fairmount Park – especially in that section of town…a very well secluded and isolated area of less traveled or usually non-trailed parkland.


Ten Free Chapter's of "Fairmount": 'Terror In The Park!' and 'Fairmount's - "The Willice Samuel Investigations," an upcoming brand new 'Paper-Back' novel of the continuing saga of Philadelphia's finest law enforcement officer and his team of dedicated professional protector's!
(Ten Chapters Each of Two Stories: http://hbcu.com/cgi-bin/search.cgi?process... )

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~‘The Myrtlewood Street Funeral’~
Home of Author as a child...many, many years ago.
2635 Myrtlewood Street, Philadelphia, PA

Posted By: Gregory V. Boulware, Esq.
Thursday, July 29th 2021 at 11:07PM
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