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A Childish Conversation (5614 hits)

Below you will find a speech by a 10 year old young man by the name of Johnathan McCoy. Please listen to the speech and then read the writing that follows so that you can follow every word.

Hopefully Johnathan McCoy held the attention of every viewer or listener long enough to get his point across and also make adults and other children aware of the fact that our younger generations have voices that are just as powerful as the adults who are meant to protect them from destructive behaviors, like the behavior Johnathan mentioned in his speech. If there is one thing that adults and children should have noticed about him speaking besides his words and sincerity, is that Johnathan succeeded at some things that many of the adults watching him have fail to accomplish consistently.

Johnathan covered all of the bases about grown black men and grown black women calling each other *****s, so I will not attempt to fix something that is not broken. The failure that I will mention and focus on is that it took a 10 year old young man to get the attention of his church, his city, his state, and evidently the attention of Black Americans all over his country about this problem. There was a powerful innocence in his words and that is a power that all of the adults reading this message have had but could never have again.

Johnathan told us exactly what his problem was, so every one of us knows how to approach this problem and we can can come up with solutions to this specific problem. Adults, sometimes, believe that there is not a problem that they cannot solve and that is one of the major reasons why we have 10 year olds like Johnathan making pleas to the entire country. There are too many adults that do not listen to their 10 year old children long enough to realize that children will tell you exactly what their problems are. Adults will be able to come up with more 10 year old problems when we know exactly what the 10 year old problems are.

Not listening is one of the reasons why our children come up with solutions to problems on their own and contribute to the horrifying statistics that they are creating all over the world. “Parents Just Don't Understand – The Fresh Prince” was just an understatement, a more accurate statement would be “Parents Just Won't Understand – Our Children”. If adults listened long enough, we would know that the language problem mentioned in the speech does not require a dictionary.

Our children have voices and visions just like we do and it is our responsibility to guide them in the directions that are in their best interests. Our children will continue their attempts at guiding and supporting their self, if we will not listen to them long enough to guide and support them. When I use the term our children, I mean all of our children. This means men and women, schools, churches, organizations, and businesses must all do their part. All children deserve to be heard, sometimes childish conversations are important.

SeeingGrowth.com is hosting a youth writing program called Label Me Royalty that is a collaboration of many individuals, organizations, and businesses. The purpose of the program is to listen to the thoughts of our children and to show our children, by example, the positive effects of mutual support. It is our intention to work closely with our children and the people who make up our communities towards positive growth. Click here for further information or to collaborate.
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Tuesday, June 9th 2009 at 3:37AM
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Powerful and so very true..I would like to place your site SeeingGrowth.com on a website that I'm working on that based on the biblcal priciples of living, For I have visited your site quite often and seen that many would be blessed by it.

Minister De Baptiste
Tuesday, June 9th 2009 at 10:44AM
I think that Johnathan's words were motivational and should awaken a few adults. I would greatly appreciate be listed on your website and I will do the same for you. Hopefully we can continue to bless those who want blessings.
Tuesday, June 9th 2009 at 3:32PM
Hello Mr. Emmanuel Brown,

I watched the video of young Jonathan McCoy. He is very impressive, and a good orator. I know that his message was about the ’N’ word. However, who Jonathan think that Black Americans are and that Black Americans came from Africa, he is absolutely wrong. I think that it is very important that, who Black Americans are and where we came from is necessary that we get it right.

Black Americans, who are descendents of slaves, are a new breed or race of people that has emerged out of the ashes of slavery. Black Americans are the children of many different kinds of African slave women, and White men, mostly of British descent.

The race of Black Americans is approximately 550 years old. We are neither Africans, nor Caucasians and have no history before the start of slavery in the 15th century, for the most part.

Take for example, President Thomas Jefferson, and Ms. Sally Hemming. Ms. Sally Hemming was the slave woman of Thomas Jefferson. Together they had a few children. Their children represent and are who Black Americans really are today. Those children are neither African since the color of Africanize were slowly being washed out from one generation to the next because of the constant breeding of different kinds of African slave women and White men, mostly of British descent, nor are those children Caucasian for the same reason.

Consequentially, Black Americans are a new breed or race of people that has emerged out of the ashes of slavery. We will remain Black Americans until we become a sovereign people or gain complete independence from White America on a portion of this continent that we can call our very own country with borders. Thereafter, we will have the opportunity to rename ourselves from Black Americans to what name we desire and the world will accept.

Black Americans are in a very advantageous position of being a new breed or race of people. This understanding can be discussed at another time.

However, my point right now is that Black Americans has no heritage in Africa, as Mr. Jonathan McCoy believes that we do.

What say you?

Wednesday, June 10th 2009 at 12:15AM
Harry Watley
I don't personally refer to myself as an African American, because I am not African but other people are comfortable with the term and I have no problem with that.

The main point of the video was that Johnathan is tired of hearing that particular word, and the main point of the words that followed was that we need to listen to our children. There is no way to guide or groom our children when we do not take them seriously or when we really do not pay attention to them. It is our jobs/responsibilty as adults to become the teachers and mentors that our children need. When they are wrong, we have to correct them and explain why we made those corrections.

Right now, I believe that Black Americans should build foundations here in America, but we should build them from the heritage that the first Black Americans have created from their own African heritage. Even though we do not come from Africa, we have to realize that we would not exist if it was not for the Africans that were brought to what we refer to as American. We still have royalty in our blood, even though it has been mixed and diluted.
Wednesday, June 10th 2009 at 7:04PM
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