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"As The Clock Turns" (8300 hits)

"Happy Easter"
"As The Clock Turns" - 'The qualities of the hypocrites - their mischief and their false pride'

Gregory V. Boulware

And who believe in that which hath been sent down unto thee and that which hath been sent down before thee, and of the hereafter they are sure.
...And of the people (are some) who say, "We believe in God and in the last day (of judgment)," (while in fact) they are not believers (at all).
...They (intend to) deceive God and those who believe, while they deceive not but themselves, but the perceive (it) not.
...In their heart is a disease and God increaseth their disease, for them is a painful chastisement, beware of the lie they were saying.
...And when it is said unto them, "Make ye not mischief in the Earth" say they, "verily, we are only the well-doers - the peacemakers.

Beware! Verily, they are the mischief mongers, but they perceive not. When it is said unto them, "Believe ye as the (other) people did believe, they say, "Shall we believe?"

Beware! Verily, they are the fools, but they know not. And when they meet with those who believe, they say "We believe" but when they go apart to their devils, they say, "surely we are with you, verily, we did but mock."

These are they who purchase error for guidance, hence their transaction profitteth them not, neither are they guided aright.
The likeness of them is like unto one who kindleth a fire, and when it lighteth all around him, God taketh away the light and leaveth them in darkness, they see not. They are deaf, dumb, and blind; hence they will return not from their darkness.

...It took place in Betany, a village on the other side of Jordan that Jesus Christ is the true light. John himself was not the light; he was only a witness to identify it. Later on, the one who is the true light arrived to shine on everyone coming into the world.
(Book of John, The apostle)

...Suddenly, I heard a loud voice behind me, a voice that sounded like a trumpet blast, saying, "Write down everything you see, and send your letter to the seven churches in Turkey, to the church in Ephesus, the one in Smyrna, and those in Pergmos, Thyatira, Sardis, Philadelphia, and Laodicea.”

When I turned to see who was speaking, there behind me were seven candlesticks of gold. And standing among them was one who looked like Jesus who called himself the son of man, wearing a long robe circled with a golden band across his chest. His hair was white as wool of snow, and his eyes penetrated like flames of fire. His feet gleamed like burnished bronze, and his voice thundered like the waves against the shore...

The seven stars are the leaders of the seven churches, and the seven candlesticks are the churches themselves...
(Rev. 1-2)

As the clock turns, as such, is indeed a charge in time.

This Shabbos, we read Parshas Tzav. Parshas Tzav begins with the mitzvah of Terumas Hadeshen, the removal of ashes from the alter in the Temple.

Every morning, a Kohen (a priest) had to don special clothes, and to go to The Alter and remove some of the ash that had piled on The Alter during the previous day. This is the first commandment Moses instructed Aaron regarding the service in the Temple. When the Kohen does this, common sense would dictate that he put on a set of clothes that were the type that one wears when he does some menial labor, a set of old worn out cloths. However, the Torah tells us that to do this; the Kohen does not wear some dirty outfit. Rather, he wears a special set of garments made for the Kohen to serve in the Temple. (Leviticus 6:3)

Rabbainu Yona, the classic commentator who lived hundreds of years ago, points out a very important lesson that we see from here. The Torah wants to teach us that when we serve Hashem, there is no service that is “disgraceful”, or “low”. Rather, we must understand that whatever we do in serving Hashem has tremendous importance. Regardless of what people think, the most menial task in serving Hashem is a great honor and privilege. That is why the Kohen had to wear special priestly garments when he did this service.

This lesson was repeated by the Torah when it came to the jobs of the Levites in transporting the Tabernacle throughout the desert. There were three families of Levites that were involved in carrying the Tabernacle. Of the three, two of them (Gershon and Merari) were able to use wagons to help them in their work. The third family, (Kehas) carried the most holy items. However, they were not allowed to use wagons to transport the items. Rather, they had to carry them by hand (Numbers 7:9). Why was this?

Rabeinu Yona explains that the same lesson was taught here. The carrying of these holy items was a privilege. The Torah wanted to make sure that the Levite doing this felt that way, so he was instructed to carry it by hand.

This lesson is important in our attitude for all mitzvohs. They are all special opportunities to connect with Hashem, and must be appreciated as such. No mitzvah, or aspect of a mitzvah, should be considered beneath our dignity. However, there is a special aspect to this timely lesson that we are taught right before Passover. How often do we want to shy away from the parts of Passover preparations that seem to be beneath our dignity? The mitzvah of Terumas Hadeshen, removing the ashes from The Alter, teaches us that there is no such thing as an aspect of serving Hashem that is embarrassing or beneath one’s dignity. It matters not whether it is cleaning the car for Passover, helping with the shopping for the Holiday, or any of the other of hundreds of opportunities that present themselves to us as we prepare for the holiday. We must grab these special mitzvos and be proud that we have the opportunity to serve Hashem and give honor to His name by preparing for the Holiday of Pesach.
(A Torah Passage)

Wishing you and your family a Great Shabbos and a Happy and Healthy Passover!!!!!!!!
(Rabbi Moshe Travitsky)

Jesus, a Jew, goes to John the Baptist, to be baptized. Why?
Is it possible that John, a Christian-Baptist, who Baptized Jesus for whom Christianity is based; be able to change or unionize Judaism and Christianity?
Who lead(s) who, or is Christianity a derivative of Judaism - or vice versa?

Is there an answer to this question?

As the clock turns, we shall soon see and/or hear.

How about an Amen in the house...?

Til next time...

Christians (of every faith) should be taught that they purchase indulgences voluntarily, and are not under obligation to do so.


Al-Baqarah: The Holy Qur'an, Final Testament and Commentary, By
S. V. MIR and AYATULLAH AGHA H.M.M. POOYA YAZDI, Tahrike Tarsile Qur'an, Inc.New York
80-08 51st Avenue - Elmhurst, New York 11373-4141

This Shabbos: Parshas Tzav, the mitzvah of Terumas Hadeshen
Rabbi Moshe Travitsky

An Easter Blessing:
Rev. 1-2: The Living Bible, Old and New Testament - Self Help Edition, Tyndale House Publishers

"Ninety and Five" (1.1.13)
"Christians (of all faiths) should be taught that they purchase indulgences voluntarily, and are not under obligation to do so!"



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"Amongst Us"
Posted By: Gregory Boulware, Esq.
Sunday, March 24th 2013 at 10:48AM
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