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Self-Discovery (759 hits)

I am writing my next book, The Six Routines of Self Discovery. I'd like to have your feedback and permission to include your response, should it be selected by my editor, when the book comes out in December.

When did you discover who you are and what criteria did you use?

Thank you in advance...
Posted By: Edward Foxworth, III
Friday, October 3rd 2008 at 6:28PM
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Great question! I finally discovered who I was when I was happy doing what I was doing without getting paid. For years I pursued my fleshly dreams, things I thought I wanted to do and be. I chased the $$$ and it paid the bills but when I forced to make a "big girl decision" and leave the very thing I chased, I had a chance to sit down and reflect. With a package and time off, I sought God for guidance and to show me who I really was and who He created me to be.

I kept finding myself teaching or training wherever I was. I am a teacher, trainer, leader, a servant, a friend, and most of all God's creation! That's who I am.

Yes, the money will come when you do what you love, but I had to pause and wait for Godís directions. For years I just set my own direction and ask God for His blessings afterwards. Now, I have to run everything through the Holy Spiritís filter as I heard someone say before I make a decision. It saves time, money and resources!

Spiritually I found out who I was when I experienced God's grace and mercy in my life. When I was teen on my way to college, I found out that I was pregnant. Well, we know how that happened. LOL. My life was flashing in front of me and everything I worked so hard for was gone or so I thought. God's grace and mercy kept me and re-opened the doors that I thought were closed. I had my daughter who is graduating this school term! Sheís sharp and smart and a blessing and loves God! My coach allowed me to go back to school and play basketball and allowed me to have an even better life than I expected. God showed me so much favor in school, internships, scholarships, fellowships and much more. It wasn't me but all God. He's so good, I can't tell it all! His grace and mercy are so good, but I donít take His grace or mercy for granted. Iím soooo thankful for His grace. I told God if you give me another chance, I won't disappoint you. I'm going to run for Jesus and I've been running "for real" ever since.

God bless and remember to pray before you vote!
Friday, October 3rd 2008 at 7:41PM
Freya Thank you so much for participating. Your transparency, knowing that we are all a work in progress is refreshing! So many wear mask for fear of being judge and you obviously have come through all of that to realize who you truly are. I will be submitting your story to my editor as part of my book and will let you know what the outcome is. Again, Thanks.
Saturday, October 11th 2008 at 2:11PM
Edward Foxworth, III
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